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Korean Ginseng

Korean Ginseng Extract or Red Ginseng Extracts are a concentrated form of ginseng. Red ginseng extracts save you the trouble of boiling the red ginseng roots yourself. Korean red ginseng extract goes through a long steaming process and drying system. Korean ginseng roots are harvested and then put through a washing process before they are steamed in a special herbal brew. Panax ginseng like Korean ginseng has the active ingredient of ginsenosides, which are transformed and made more potent through this steaming process. is your source to buy ginseng online.

Korean Ginseng Root is ginseng that has been heat-processed and steamed in a special herbal brew to obtain full potency. Grown organically, Korean red ginseng takes six years to mature and contains a high amount of active elements. Ginsenosides found in Korean red ginseng work as natural adaptogens to relieve stress, enhance immunity, and promote health throughout the body.

Korean Ginseng Extracts